The first steps to get indexed

First step would be to go to  2 – click on about google 3 – on the top righ under ” for site owners” click submit your content to google. 4 – top left, click add your URL to google’s index 5 – enter your site address , comments I leave blank, then click submit. wait a couple days and then return to google. type your site into the search box like this example search ” leave off http:www”, you should see it popup in the index.. For every site you link to and back to you should create another listing for your site “as long as both sides submit the new page to google for indexing”, should look something like this- Results 1 – 10 of about 843 for When you write blogs and articles be sure and use some or all of your key words, same description close to same title and same keywords or tags. This creates similarities and makes the link to you stronger. Example: a site about dogs would not want to link to a site about toothpicks, google would see it as irrelevant and give you a lower score even if the toothpick site had a ranking of 8. This blog is just for the friends I met on  so if your here and I dont know you,. close your eyes and dont read.

I will post often on this subject, Im no authority I have no degree in internet. I will just tell how I did it, Share your thoughts or tell me to hush. 🙂


~ by thaidarling on May 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “The first steps to get indexed”

  1. Please bear with me I will blog this everyday I just started it today. Please comment Oh and ignor the bottom post please.

  2. thanks for the tips. this is the basic step to be taken by newbies on blogging or new website but most of the people out there didn’t know the important of been indexed by well known search engine.

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