I would like feed back on this photo please.

Asian Woman.jpg   If you would like to see more posts of pretty asian girls please let me know.  I will be adding interesting video clips a little later as well, of bangkok night life. Just write and give your suggestions

                                   thanks thaidarling.com


~ by thaidarling on May 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “I would like feed back on this photo please.”

  1. WOW… I would love to meet this thai lady.

  2. hi I think u captured the essence of the asian woman, she is a angels bewareness of spirit and dignity.

  3. Cute – and attractive.

    One can never tell how tall the person is in the photo … need a type of measuring devise (chair table etc).

  4. hi, I need move or photo sex pleas

  5. Dude, do you live in Bangkok?

  6. oh my, my oh my oh my. A lady gets no more perfect than this.

  7. You Are So HOTT!

  8. lovely.i’m in love already.

  9. hi great site nice work thanks save youporn =) redtube co see u

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